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Made with US and international specifications.

Did you know flow control is necessary in the water system world? Without flow control, water speed in specific parts of the hydraulic circuit will not be regulated or controlled.

That said, you’ll need valves and hydrants for excellent flow control and to get work done efficiently.

What are valves?

Valves are also known as regulators. It is a device to control the flow of liquids, gases, and slurries.

It comes in various designs and sizes depending on how they are used. Valves can be extremely basic to extraordinarily complex.

Valves can be manually controlled like a tap or controlled by a large system. For example, a safety valve can trigger when an emergency signal is sent out.

In other cases, valves can also be controlled by a computer system – as with oil, gas, and water systems. That said, the valves can be turned on or off remotely.

Cohen Industrial Supply Co. offers durable valves at an affordable price. Our valves comply with AWWA standards, and we have a team of experts that can provide you with the best information in terms of flow control and the best valves for your usage.

At Cohen Industrial Supply Co., we have the following types of valves available:

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about which valve is the best for your needs, let us know how we can help you!

What are hydrants?

Hydrants are valves designed to deliver a large flow of water and control it. It is connected to the water main for continuous flow, which is vital in firefighting operations. The fire hydrant is the most visible type of hydrant. It consists of two pieces, above and below the ground. You see the bonnet above ground with the control valve nut and hose ports. In addition, most fire hydrants are dry barrel – the hydrant above the valve stays dry when not in use. This reduces corrosion inside and leakage from the hydrant head. At Cohen Industrial Supply Co., we supply different types of high-quality hydrants at a reasonable price. We have a quality control team that works tirelessly to ensure our hydrants are within AWWA standards. We can supply the following:

For hydrants supply and more, talk to us!

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cohen valves and hydrants houston

What’s the difference between valves and hydrants SUPPLY IN HOUSTON TX?

The main difference between a valve and a hydrant is that a valve is a device that controls the gas or fluid through a pipe.

By contrast, a hydrant is an outlet of a liquid main that consists of an upright pipe with a valve attached from which fluid can be tapped.

That said, the two work together in terms of flow control. Valves and hydrants are necessary for regulating and ensuring continuous liquid flow.

Why Valves and Hydrants are Important?

Valves and hydrants are essential because it performs several functions:

Why Choose us for Valves and Hydrants Supply For FLOW CONTROL IN HOUSTON TX?

Cohen Industrial Supply Co. is one of America’s most extensive independent pipe fabrication and piping companies.

We are a top supplier of durable and high-quality valves, hydrants, and other wastewater piping products. Our products and services abide by AWWA standards, and our one-stop shop has been certified by SPFA and NSF-61.

Visit us today!

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