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Made with US and international specifications.

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Custom Solutions for Diverse Needs

Each project we work on is unique.  We at Cohen Industrial know this.  We offer custom solutions for all jobs requiring restrained joint pipe.  We make sure they fit your specific project needs.

Unmatched Customer Service

From our first pre-construction meeting to after the installation is done, we are there for you.  We believe in building lasting, trust-based partnerships with our customers.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Since 1989, Cohen Industrial Supply has stood for quality and innovation in Houston’s water and wastewater piping industry.  We take pride in our detailed and experienced approach.  Our solutions meet and exceed expectations.

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Why Choose Cohen Industrial Supply?

Cohen Industrial Supply offers restrained ductile iron pipe manufactured by U.S Pipe and Foundry Co. in Birmingham, Alabama.  A 125-year-old company, U.S. Pipe, has produced quality ductile iron pipe in push-on and restrained joints.  We proudly represent and inventory their products in our Houston facility. Since 1989 Cohen Industrial Supply Co. has been a stocking partner of U.S. pipe.

Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe

Restrained ductile iron pipe offers some unique benefits:

  1. Flexibility with higher working pressure – U.S. Pipe’s new HDSS joint offers much greater flexibility with deflection than most joints on the market.  16”-24”, for example, has a deflection rate of 4 degrees.  A true working pressure of 350 psi means that this higher pressure matches the class of pipe it is installed on
  2. Perfect for directional drilling – This higher deflection rate and the most robust joint on the market make HDSS the best choice for horizontal directional drilling
  3. Ease of installation – The locking segments used on the HDSS pipe are easy and trouble-free.  The segments are installed through a single slot in the bell face and slide around the joint to provide a positive lock against the retainer weldment on the pipe.  Reliable sealing is further ensured by using the Tyton Joint Gasket from U.S. Pipe
houston restrained joint pipe
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Innovations in Pipe Technology

Cohen Industrial Supply Co offers more than just restrained joint pipe.  We bring solutions and ideas to the water and wastewater industry.  Ductile iron pipe is a proven product for treating water and wastewater with less maintenance, fewer replacements, and cost savings for the customer.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

At Cohen Industrial Supply Co, we care about the environment.   The ductile iron pipe from the U.S. Pipe is made from recyclable materials and contributes to the green initiative in the United States.  We aim for a future where infrastructure and nature live together in harmony.

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