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The Fastite joint pipe features a unique joint system with a robust gasket. This ensures a leak-proof seal for various applications, including high-pressure ones. Its design also focuses on easy installation, crucial for large-scale projects.

Advantages of Flex Lok Ball Joint Pipe In Houston Tx

  • Unmatched Flexibility: Our ball joint pipes can handle deflections up to 25° for sizes 4”-12” and 15° for sizes 14”-60”, accommodating various installation needs.
  • Durable and Reliable: Manufactured to meet AWWA C151 standards, these pipes are designed for longevity and consistent performance.
  • Ease of Installation: The boltless, flexible design simplifies installation, reducing time and labor costs.
houston flex ball joint pipe
fastite joint pipe houston tx

Spherical Socket: Key to Flexibility

The spherical socket is an important part of our FLEX-LOK Ball Joint Pipe. It lets the pipe bend without needing extra parts. This makes it great for complicated pipe systems. It saves time and money in setting up.

  • These pipes come in many sizes, from 12 inches to larger ones like C900, suiting different projects.


The Spherical Ball: Changing Pipe Joints

  • The spherical ball in our joints allows smooth movement and accurate alignment, essential in areas with ground movement or where correct pipe alignment is needed.
  • They’re built to handle expansion and bending, ensuring a lasting, tight connection in tough places.


fastite joint pipes
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Locking Systems: Ensuring Safe Joints

  • Our locking systems are safe and efficient. They provide strong restraint, keeping joints secure in all conditions.
  • They’re great for both water and industrial use, fitting your specific needs.

FLEX-LOK Gasket: Unbreakable Bond

  • The FLEX-LOK Gasket is crucial in our locking systems, offering a strong bond. It’s made of high-quality ductile iron for superior strength.
  • Available in various sizes, it’s suitable for any pipe. It easily handles expansion and bending, ensuring a secure, long-term fit.
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4"-24" FLEX-LOK Pipe Joint

Our 4″-24″ FLEX-LOK Pipe Joint is great for small to medium jobs. These pipes are made of strong ductile iron. This means they last a long time and stand up well to use. The ball and socket joint bends a lot, which is perfect for systems that need to be flexible. There’s a gasket in the joint that makes a tight seal. This stops leaks and keeps your water system working well.

30"-60" FLEX-LOK Pipe Joint

Need something for bigger tasks? Our 30″-60″ FLEX-LOK Pipe Joint is what you’re looking for. These bigger pipes are just as good as the smaller ones but are made for larger projects. They deal with more water and higher pressure. This makes them great for big industrial and city water systems. They are built strong to handle lots of expansion and bending. This means they work well in many different situations.

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Joint Lubricant

To make our FLEX-LOK Ball Joint Pipes work even better and last longer, use our Joint Lubricant. This special lubricant makes it easy to put joints together and take them apart. It helps protect against rust and damage. Using it keeps the ball and socket working smoothly. This makes sure the joints move well and do their job right.

Why Choose Us for Your Flex Lok Ball Joint Pipe Needs?

Cohen Industrial Supply stands out for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our Flex Lok Ball Joint Pipes, suitable for various sizes and applications, are a testament to our dedication to excellence in industrial solutions.

flex ball joint pipe in houston tx

Our Comprehensive Range of Products

We offer a wide range of sizes in Flex Lok Ball Joint Pipes, along with an array of fittings, gaskets, and accessories. Whether it’s for water supply, pipeline crossings, or intricate installations, our products ensure a seamless fit and exceptional performance.

Flexibility and Strength You Can Trust

At Cohen Industrial Supply, we know how important strong and flexible pipes are for industrial work. That’s why we’re excited about our Flex Lok Ball Joint Pipe. It’s strong, bends easily, and lasts long.

Available in Many Sizes

You can find our Flex Lok Ball Joint Pipes in many sizes, from 4 inches to 60 inches. They’re perfect for lots of jobs, like water supply, crossing pipelines, or complex setups. These pipes adjust well to different needs.

Made to Last

We make these pipes from strong ductile iron. They also have parts like gaskets, glands, and locks to make them even tougher. This means they last a long time, even in rough conditions.

Easy to Put Together

Putting these pipes together is simple. They don’t need bolts and have parts that are easy to use. This means setting them up is quick and trouble-free.


We have sizes from 4 to 60 inches for different jobs.

Yes, they work great underwater and in other places too.

Yes, because they don’t need bolts and have well-made parts.

Absolutely, they’re flexible and strong for tough areas.

For more information, pricing, and ordering, Call us now. Our customer service team is available to help you choose the right product.

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