Made with US and international specifications.


Cohen Industrial Supply Co. offers quality products that are developed and manufactured in observance with domestic and international specifications.  While many of these products are purchased and re-sold, we are known for our products that are fabricated in house.

Cohen fabricates ductile iron pipe spools in all possible end configurations that, along with fittings, can be lined and coated in our paint shop to meet your project’s specifications. Ductile iron pipe is not only available in cut-to-length fabricated pieces, but also in full joints to fit every project’s requirements.

Cohen Industrial Supply offers the following solutions from our inventory in Houston:


At Cohen, we make sure that our solutions are tested and proven by our clients. We are continually recognized by various contractors for the quality, reliability, and performance we provide in servicing their project, as well as the numerous types of products that our brand offers.

Our large-scale technical and commercial network offers local service to various municipal authorities, engineering firms, network operators (public and private), contractors and suppliers.

Headquartered in the northwest corridor of Houston, Texas, Cohen maintains our own fleet of trucks while also partnering with local delivery companies as needed.  Our logistics team continuously updates or partnerships with freight companies nationwide to ensure we provide you with the service you expect for long distance projects.


Cohen Pipe’s solutions are well known for their noteworthy benefits to the environment. These benefits include their lifetime quality and water tightness that helps in preserving natural water resources.


Ductile Iron Pipe by Cohen

Cohen has quickly become one of the fastest growing pipe fabrication companies in the United States. This is because more and more contractors, engineers and owners can attest to the professional service we provide as well as the quality of our piping solutions for water and wastewater systems. Throughout our history, we have supplied some of the most critical materials that make our nation’s sewer and water infrastructure durable and long-lasting. With the assistance of many experts in the engineering field to help design, create, and supervise projects, Cohen is 100% reliable when it comes to any piping system need.


Wastewater and Water Solutions

Cohen Industrial Supply Co. is a ductile iron pipe and fitting master distributor that caters to waterworks projects. 

We provide:

Ductile Iron Pipe is designed to adapt to several site specifications and soil types that aim to hold out against various potential damages in handling, laying, transportation, and use. This feature also helps in providing security towards the pressure induced by highway traffic, water hammer, and inevitable negative forces. Some tests are performed at regular interludes to ensure excellence in the pipes’ impact resistance. These tests are in compliance with the ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51 standard.

Head losses in pipe manufacturing are related to having inside diameters. In the same way, energy consumption and pumping costs are also related to head losses. In conclusion, our use of ductile iron pipes with inside diameter greater than average can have a profound effect like energy savings in a couple of years. Aside from the benefit of keeping acceptable utility rates and operational costs, conserving energy is also eco-friendly. Remember, sustainability is a priority. 

Ductile Iron Pipe uses a mix of heat treatment and chemical analysis to make sure that the pipe is of high quality and is every industry’s top choice when it comes to ductility and strength. With that in mind, ductile iron pipe is able to withstand even the highest pressure at the deepest bury depths—adding reliability and safety for normal and unexpected conditions such as freezing and thawing-resulted earth movement and expansive soils.

According to historical records, ductile iron pipe has been proven to last decades. Intensive lab and field tests that are accompanied by different installation conditions have proven that ductile iron’s soil corrosion resistance is better than gray cast iron, which was used before the introduction of ductile iron pipe. The corrosion resistance of ductile iron is long lasting and it can still be used after a couple of decades.


Cast iron pipe’s life expectancy is unknown but it is said to be usable for up to a hundred years or more. The oldest piping system made out of cast iron that’s still operational by now is in Versailles, France. It was installed in 1664. The Cast Iron Pipe Century Club has more than 500 members.  This unique club is made up of utilities or cities in Canada and the US that are still using their cast iron pipe after 100 years of service.

Ductile iron pipe is a byproduct of the cutting edge technology of metallurgy. Its versatile properties are suitable for conveying water with pressure and for other uses. It’s as strong as mild steel and more long lasting than gray cast iron.

When talking about the largest percentage of safety against some failures brought by beam stresses and the movement of the ground, ductile iron is your best shot. Aside from the fact that it’s nearly impossible to be broken in just ordinary service, it also offers extreme resistance against breakage during rough handling, transportation, and installation. Several lab and field tests have proven that the ductile iron’s soil corrosion resistance is better than gray cast iron.

How is ductile iron made?

Ductile iron is the byproduct of a controlled amount of magnesium alloy and molten iron (with low sulfur and low phosphorus content). By adding the magnesium alloy to the melted iron, it changes the microstructure of the product by causing the carbon component present in iron to presume a nodular or spheroidal shape, and create a fine-grained iron matrix in the ferrite structure that surrounds it. As a result, it makes the product tougher, stronger, and more ductile.

Aside from several ductile iron benefits like long life expectancy, incredible strength in structure, soil corrosion resistance, and tight joints, it is also easy to machine. This is especially true when cutting, threading and tapping.

Cohen Industrial Supply Co fabricates full length ductile iron pipe in strict compliance with standards that have been developed and set by the ANSI and AWWA.


A hundred years ago, some professional and committed American engineers created the United States’ water systems with the use of iron pipes. This pipe is safe, strong, and reliable enough to stand against time. We at Cohen Industrial strive hard to distribute high quality pipe that not only last up to a hundred years but is also environment-friendly. With their recycled composition, durability, recyclability, and energy savings while fabricating them, we offer our clients quality products while actually being committed to sustainability.


Ductile Pipe Produced by Cohen

Ductile iron pipe has a semi-rigid behavior when buried underground–it provides a balanced compromise between the ovality and the wall’s mechanical stress. It is capable of being laid in low and high height cover, and even easier in soil that’s of low rigidity. The ground pipe system offers a desirable amount of mechanical stability as years pass by, without putting the ovality in jeopardy.

The pipelines design are made to withstand pressure that’s much greater than what the networks most of the time encounters. To determine the thickness of the wall, it is calculated with the safety figure of 3 in respect to the maximum pressure while in operation. This margin for safety is needed for some instances like installation effects, setting the pressure higher than normal accidentally, and strain while the machines are operating.

Ductile iron pipe is structured with a high elastic contortion and extreme resistance to the initiation of crack which results in an excellent resistance capability against impact. They’re perfectly made to various transportation conditions in long distances using train, truck or even ship, handling ways on site, backfilling. They can also be placed in some difficult areas like in rocky slopes, crossings, and rockfills.

Easy and self-sealing, the typical push-in joint’s water tightness is a result of the sealing ring’s radial compression, as easy as inserting the ends of the spigot into the sockets. No welding or tightening of bolts needed.

The typical push-on joint is ideal for pipes that will be laid overhead or in trenches, despite the harsh weather conditions.


Cohen Industrial Supply is one of the fastest rising distributors of strong and durable ductile iron pipe. We offer a comprehensive range of products that can withstand extreme water pressure and other uses. We offer the following solutions for our customers:

Cohen Industrial Supply is located in Houston, Texas and supplies materials all over the United States. With our sales team’s efforts, we are now serving hundreds of clients throughout the country. Cohen Industrial Supply provides advice and assistance to our clients until the project is finished.


The manufacturing process of ductile iron pipe and coatings involves 3 fundamental steps:

The steps mentioned above are directly interrelated, and progressive regulation and inspection of the fabrication process ensure the quality of the products.

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